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For five seasons, adidas Originals by Alexander Wang has challenged the concept of fashion collaborations by subverting convention. From turning the Originals trefoil upside down to reimagining performance silhouettes, Alexander Wang’s approach to the iconic brand has been clear—to hack every element at hand.

To create the final season, Alexander Wang evolved the “Club Leisure” narrative by immersing it in the dark world of underground tech. Together with progressive materials and disco-inspired details, the Season 06 collection brings the collective cultural understanding of hacking to life with a futuristic look and feel.

Inspired by the collection and its surrounding ethos, the campaign connects the fashion-loving community to the digitally-savvy by combining both worlds in one.

Authentically rooted in the digital underground, the campaign imagery uses three-dimensional art and animation to subversively celebrate the collection by destroying it—shoes melt, jackets explode, and bodysuits are cut into pieces by a laser field.

Bringing this world IRL, The Last Hack immerses fans in a physi cal experience where hackers compete to win audience members deadstock from past seasons.

In celebration of this legendary collaboration, these assets work together to create Alexander Wang’s final goodbye to adidas Originals in the most playful ways imaginable.

Catty Tay is one of the most progressive digital artists creating work today.
The London-based, self-taught 3D garment expert has cemented her place in the online fashion community by applying an unmatched level of technical skill to a unique, creative point-of-view for collaborators like Balenciaga, Chloé, and Raf Simons.

As a creator, Catty is known for her unmatched ability to recreate life-like garments and immerse them in rule-free, digital realities. Who better to place a collection inspired by a digitally subversive world within a first-of-its-kind digital environment?
Through Catty Tay’s iconic lens, Season 06 is immersed in the darkest corners of the deep web, inhabiting a digital underground where clothes are destroyed and models don’t exist.

This approach celebrates the collection with a playful look and feel true to hacker culture and the collections subversive spirit.

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